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Puppy Training on Long Island

One-to-one Training For You & Your Puppy

Puppy Training That’s Effective & Enjoyable

Let us start your puppy off right! Our training helps with immediate issues such as puppy mouthing and destruction, foundation training skills, socialization and housetraining. Together, we can help set your puppy up to be a confident adult dog and family pet.

Puppy training is meant for young puppies as early as 8 weeks old. Our training sessions are for puppy parents seeking one-to-one training in the comfort of their own home or at locations such as the park, shopping center, your office, a pet store etc. Training sessions are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of you and your puppy. All sessions provide hands-on learning and are taught using positive reinforcement training techniques. (Puppy Training on Long Island: Learn more about our service area for puppy training on Long Island.

How It works:

Initial Consultation: 90 minutes – Everyone starts here. During the consultation we will cover your goals in detail, create a plan, discuss some helpful tips and start training.

Follow-up Sessions: 1 hour

6 Pack of Sessions: 1 hour each – Packages are NOT a requirement to purchase.

*Rates are listed on the rates page.

We can help with:

Take a look at some of our videos working with clients down below! And visit our social media pages to see more of our work!

Spaniel Puppy
Anthony with dog in training facility

Not Local? No Problem!

Anthony works with many clients who are not local.

Meetings can be virtual or at Anthony’s training studio.

Many of his clients come from areas that are out of our in-person service area including Eastern Long Island, New York City, Westchester, Hudson Valley, Connecticut, and New Jersey. 

Clients can start out in-person and then choose to work virtually and vice versa to accommodate and reduce travel and to meet the needs of the particular dog and human team.

Inquire to learn more!

A Humane & Fair Approach

Our approach is to teach owners how to guide their dog to success. We do this by providing individual training and/or behavior plans that are customized based on the needs and goals of each dog and owner. All private lessons are one-on-one in the comfort of your home or other location(s) of your choice.

Owners will learn how to:

  • Train and work with their dog using reward based training concepts, fun exercises and play
  • Change behavior and manage behaviorUnderstand their dog and why their dog does what he or she does
  • Develop an enjoyable relationship with their dog
  • Set their dog up for success in and out of the home
  • Create clear and consistent rules and boundaries
  • NOTE: We do not provide quick fix approaches.

Our Philosophy

Training and behavior modification are provided using a variety of methods, mainly focusing on positive reinforcement techniques such as using rewards to reinforce and motivate your dog (food, play, interaction and exploration). Training is generally provided using training concepts, games and play to make it fun and enjoyable for you and your dog. We do not provide quick fix approaches. 

We follow the principles of LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive). This gives us the opportunity to meet the dog and owner where they are. The use of LIMA generally starts with using the least intrusive, most positive and humane approach possible for the individual dog. LIMA allows professionals to be objective and critical thinkers who decide when and how to use a variety of training and behavior modification techniques and interventions based on the individual case and situation. Just like with humans, dogs learn, work and are motivated in different ways. LIMA allows us to decide what is the best approach for the dog.

Book cover of 20 Tips to Dog Training & Behavior Modification Success
Book cover of 20 Tips to Dog Training & Behavior Modification Success

Training Session Clips

Teaching Puppy to Come When Called

Intro to
Sit Maintain


Frequently Asked Questions

When should you start training a puppy?

Training your puppy should start right away because a puppy is a learning machine! A puppy is most impressionable at a young age. They can learn skills, rules, boundaries, what they like and don’t like all at an early age. To learn more you can read our blog about starting training early by clicking here.

My puppy is very mouthy and nippy, what do I do?

It is normal for a puppy to mouth. Mouthing can occur for a number of reasons. It can occur because:

  • A puppy is teething
  • The puppy is curious and is learning about the world around them
  • The puppy is bored and/or creating its own fun
  • Overstimulated and/or overly tired
  • Trying to communicate that they are not comfortable

You can get helpful tips and advice and learn more about mouthing, nipping and biting by checking out our detailed blog post by clicking here.

How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

This really depends on how consistent and structured you are with your potty training plan. Some can learn this in a matter of days, while others may take a few weeks or months. A puppy needs to urinate about every 30 minutes to 1 hour and they may defecate about 3-4 times a day. Making sure to bring them out regularly is key to reducing the number of accidents. To learn more on how potty train successfully click here.

Client Testimonials

“I had taken 16 weeks of puppy training and had a private trainer several times before I found Anthony. He is amazing. He noticed immediately what we were doing wrong walking Teddy. Teddy was anxious of loud trucks, bicycles and some other dogs. I can’t thank Anthony enough. I have a happier dog and now we all love our walks!”

Deb C.

“I was referred to Anthony before I purchased my puppy. This was my first puppy I ever owned. He helped me organize what I needed to do to prepare for my pup by providing detailed lists of the essentials as well as reading material on training. Anthony is totally engaged in his relationship with both me and my dog. I highly recommend him.”

Robin M.

“We cannot say enough good things about Anthony De Marinis, who has been training our puppy. He uses positive reinforcement techniques and a warm, caring approach when training. Anthony is trustworthy and super knowledgeable. He is a wonderful teacher who takes the time to work with our puppy and to teach us (her parents) simultaneously. He is really amazing.”

Barry B.