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Achieve Your Dog’s Best Behavior From a Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

Humane, Skilled & Professional

Certified IAABC Behavior Consultant
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We can help with…


If you are a dog trainer or behavior consultant seeking help on a difficult case, looking to collaborate or seeking private coaching; Anthony can help.


Anthony is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant by the IAABC and specializes in working with aggressive behavior, using a humane approach.


Qualified help for fear, anxiety, reactivity, impulse control issues, aggression and much more.


Start your puppy off right! Learn foundation skills, create rules and boundaries and get your questions answered! All training is done using a kind & humane approach.


Set your dog up for success with one-on-one training offered in the comfort of your home (or other locations you desire).


An effective way to get professional advice and coaching from the comfort of your home. We can do it all together live, in real time!


Designed to help you before you bring home your new puppy or adult dog.


Meet Your Certified Behavior & Training Team!

Anthony De Marinis, CDBC, ADT, FDM

Certified Behavior Consultant

Specializing in Behavior Modification for Aggression, Reactivity,
Fear & Anxiety

Servicing Nassau & Suffolk County

Katie Cameron, VSA-DT

Certified Dog Trainer

Specializing in Puppy Training, Obedience & Manners

Servicing Nassau & Suffolk County

Our Team Is…

✓ Certified & Professional

✓ Recommended by Veterinarians, Behaviorists & Trainers

✓ Educated in dog behavior & training

✓ Friendly, Humane, & Science-based

✓ Providing In-home & Virtual Training & Behavior Services

Our Approach

Our approach is to teach owners how to teach, guide and navigate their dogs to success. We do this by providing one-on-one lessons that are customized for each dog and owner.


Owners will learn how to:

  • Train and work with their dog
  • Change behavior & manage behavior
  • Understand their dog and why their dog does what he/she does
  • Set their dog up for success in & out of the home
  • Create clear and consistent rules & boundaries
  • Develop a lasting and enjoyable relationship

Training is provided using positive reinforcement-based methods and a LIMA approach (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive)

Benefits of Positive Reinforcement & LIMA Training

What is Positive Reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement means reinforcing your dog for doing the right behavior. When teaching a dog skills, we want to reinforce their behavior. When a behavior is reinforced, it is likely to be repeated. Reinforcement can be in the form of treats, toys, praise etc. Through clear reinforcement, practice and consistency, the goal is to get your dog to respond to cues with little to no food.

What is LIMA?

LIMA is an acronym that refers to "Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive." Trainers and behavior consultants who follow the principles of LIMA adhere to least intrusive, minimally aversive strategies to achieve the best outcome for success when training or addressing behavior concerns. Click here to learn more about LIMA.


✓ Proven results for both training & behavior modification for dogs of all ages and breeds
✓ Training becomes enjoyable for your dog as he/she gets rewarded for a job well done
✓ Teaches skills while setting boundaries and rules in a clear and consistent manner
✓ Fosters a powerful relationship between the dog & dog owner using a friendly & humane approach
DOES NOT USE: physical force, intimidation, fear tactics or electric shock collars.

Recent Client Reviews

“Anthony is the best! My 2.5 year-old rescued Pitbull, Ace, was displaying resource guarding and aggression. After working with Anthony for a couple of months both over zoom and in-person, Ace has improved so much.”

Brittany A.

“My husband and I worked with Katie Cameron of De Marinis Dog Training for our puppy and had a wonderful experience. Katie was patient and understanding as this was our first time having a puppy and she really took the time to work with us at our own pace. Katie taught us so many great games and techniques that helped us get our puppy on track to be a great family dog.”

Jyothi T.