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Anthony is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant by the IAABC and specializes in working with aggressive behavior, using a humane approach.


Qualified help for fear, anxiety, reactivity, impulse control issues, aggression and much more.


Start your puppy off right! Learn foundation skills, create rules and boundaries and get your questions answered! All training is done using a kind & humane approach.


Set your dog up for success with one-on-one training offered in the comfort of your home (or other locations you desire).


An effective way to get professional advice and coaching from the comfort of your home. We can do it all together live, in real time!


Designed to help you before you bring home your new puppy or adult dog.


Benefits of Positive Reinforcement-Based Training

What is Positive Reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement means reinforcing your dog for doing the right behavior. When teaching a dog skills, we want to reinforce their behavior. When a behavior is reinforced, it is likely to be repeated. Reinforcement can be in the form of treats, toys, praise etc. Through clear reinforcement, practice and consistency, the goal is to get your dog to respond to cues with little to no food.


✓ Proven results for both training & behavior modification for dogs of all ages and breeds
✓ Training becomes enjoyable for your dog as he/she gets rewarded for a job well done
✓ Teaches skills while setting boundaries and rules in a clear and consistent manner
✓ Fosters a powerful relationship between the dog & dog owner using a friendly & humane approach
DOES NOT USE: physical force, intimidation, fear tactics or electric shock collars.

“Anthony is genuine, kind and caring person! He was exceptionally patient and knowledgeable of training strategies to teach us how to manage our year and a half year old dog who is reactive to dogs and obsessed with squirrels. Anthony gave us the tools, tips and strategies to work with our boy and we have made, and are continuing to make, wonderful strides!”

Traci A.

“If you are looking for a honest, loyal and extraordinary dog trainer & behavior consultant, then look no further. As a local Veterinarian on Long Island, I often refer dogs and puppies to Anthony from basic puppy training/socialization to severe aggression/anxiety. Anthony has a great way of approaching each dog with an open mind and gives honest answers and suggestions for owners. Working with Anthony will help open your eyes to triggers, body language and positive ideas that you may not have even considered prior.”

Dr. Stephanie Waters, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

“Katie Cameron of De Marinis Dog Training & Behavior has been working with both my 6 month old Wheaten and I for the past 3 months. I found Katie to be extremely knowledgeable about both theory and practice.”

Gene W.