Dog Training

Intro to Hand Target "Touch"

Leash Reactivity- Behavior Modification

Possession Prevention - Puppy Problems 101

Solo's Novice Trick Title
w/ Trainer Katie Cameron

Agility Session w/ Journey & Anthony

How To Play Tug

Recall w/ Distractions
Trainer Katie Cameron

Heel Work w/ Pippin
& Trainer Katie Cameron

Intro to Leash Walking
(Backwards Method)

with Distraction

Muzzle Training Introduction
(Step 1)

(with distractions)

Anthony & Journey Learning
Agility Together

Agility Practice
w/ Journey

Intro to Fetch w/ Finely & Anthony

How to Help a Timid Puppy
Who is Nervous of his Harness

Intro to "Go to Bed" Part 1

Shaping a Retrieve (Teaching
to retrieve without words)

Restraint Recalls w/ Solo & Katie

Practice Session
with Gerber

Pippins Skills w/ Trainer Katie

Reinforcement Zone w/ Brad & Anthony

Hand Targeting

Herding Lessons with
Journey & Anthony

Polite Manners When Feeding

Reinforcement Zone
w/ Charlie

Agility Skills w/ Journey & Anthony

Fear Free Ear Drops
(Work in Progress)

Stationing With Distraction

Tank Learning to "Wait"
at the Door

"Get Behind"
(Work in progress)

Targeting and acclimating to new items

Cooperative Nail Trims With A Dremel

Journey Learning
to Fetch

Learning to go to "Place"

De Marinis Dog Training

Certified IAABC Behavior Consultant
CBATI Certified BAT Instructor
Michael Shikashio's Aggression in Dogs certificate of completion photo.
Family Paws Parent Education Certified Educator