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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Interested in having Anthony speak or hold a workshop?

Anthony can provide speaking engagements and hands-on workshops on a wide range of topics which include but are not limited to:

  • Leash Reactivity, Reactive Behaviors, Foundation Skills for Reactivity
  • Aggressive Behavior & Behavior Modification Solutions
  • Off-Duty Protocol for Stranger Issues (Protocol designed by Kim Brophey) 
  • Puppy Training, Foundation Skills etc.
  • And much more!

Anthony’s speaking engagements and hands-on workshops can be provided to all: small groups, large groups, dog clubs, conferences, private events, dog professionals and the public. Anthony is known for his engaging & informative seminars and workshops. 

Anthony speaking on stage
Anthony speaking in front of a white board

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Book cover of 20 Tips to Dog Training & Behavior Modification Success
Book cover of 20 Tips to Dog Training & Behavior Modification Success

Professional Testimonials

I have referred countless dog guardians, as well as dog pros to Anthony, as I truly trust his talent and knowledge to work with a wide range of behavior problems, especially in aggression cases. He is professional and compassionate with both the humans and animals that he helps, and is genuinely talented at working with “both ends of the leash.” Whether you just adopted your first puppy, have a behavior issue or you have been training dogs for years, I can highly recommend Anthony as a wonderful resource for all your dog training and behavior consulting needs!

Micheal Shikashio, CDBC
Founder of

Anthony DeMarinis has quickly risen to the top of the dog behavior field, consistently proving himself to be one of the most ambitious, dedicated, passionate, insightful, and competent professionals in the dog training world. It has been a personal honor to mentor him, have him be among the first Licensed Family Dog Mediators in the United States leading a paradigm shift in the profession, and to be able to call him a friend.

Kim Brophey, CDBC, Applied Ethologist
Author of Meet Your Dog
Founder of L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Course

Anthony De Marinis is a highly educated and skilled behavior professional who I am privileged to call a mentor. No matter how much education one has, making the jump to more complex behavior work can be intimidating without qualified support. Support doesn’t get much more qualified than Anthony with his impeccable credentials, immense education and training, and extensive experience. If all that wasn’t enough, he is kind, open-minded and easy to talk to. I’m grateful technology makes it easy to access long distance support, and if you are looking for an extra set of eyes on a case, a second opinion, or even help creating a plan, I recommend Anthony without hesitation!

Shelly Wood, KPA-CPT

Anthony was instrumental in offering me feedback when I was first getting started with my private dog training business. As aggression is not my area of expertise, Anthony helped me work through two challenging cases. Anthony acknowledged my own experience and included that in his strategy with both cases. It comes across in his communication that Anthony is passionate about his work. His interpersonal and dog training skills are top notch. Anthony is not only a problem solver, he enjoys connecting with other professionals. He is open to listening and sharing ideas and strategies, something we need more of in the dog training world.

Graham Buck
Buck's Best Dog Training

I refer to Anthony regularly and I also regularly consult with him when I need advice, a different point of view or just someone to talk a tough case through with. Anthony is always kind; responsive and most importantly, I walk away with great ideas and options to help my clients. Whether you are looking for basic skills or have a serious behavior issue, I highly recommend Anthony and have the utmost confidence in him.

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant- IAABC

As his first mentor, I have known Anthony since he started his journey as a dog trainer and behavior consultant. He has quickly become a very accomplished and gifted dog professional. He is an avid questioner and learner who has amassed a deep and wide range of skills. He has demonstrated his ability to teach those skills to his clients, and he brings kindness, a sense of humor and emotional intelligence to everything he does.

Vivian Arzoumanian, CDBC, CPDT, CBATI, PMCT2
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant- IAABC

I connected with Anthony via a dog training group we are in. Over time as I have gotten to know Anthony better, I have sought his help with behavior cases including one of my own dogs and dogs of clients. I am grateful for his expertise and help!

Elizabeth Droke, ADT-IAABC

I worked with Anthony virtually to consult for behavior issues like fence barking and fence reactivity for my senior Golden Labrador, Kai. He was very thorough with my case and took the time to provide effective strategies that were not previously suggested by the other behavior consultants and trainers. As a positive reinforcement based dog training professional myself, I highly recommend Anthony and his team for training and behavior needs.

Shelly Haines

I turned to Anthony for help with a greyhound NJGAP placed. She was exhibiting some fear based behaviors and has anxiety. We had our initial consultation(virtually) which lasted over 90 minutes via Zoom. I highly recommend Anthony to anyone needing help. He was responsive, thorough and caring.

Jennifer Sigler
Founder of NJ Greyhound Adoption Program

Client Testimonials

“I found Anthony after searching for a positive trainer for my boxer mix who is aggressive towards dogs. He took his time to observe what was going on and help develop a plan that works for me. He has been supportive every step of the way. I have noticed a huge improvement in her behavior overall. I am so grateful to be working with him.”
Tara C.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

“Our dogs have some behavior and aggression issues and our veterinary behaviorist highly recommended Anthony and they were right. He took the time to really understand our dogs and our issues, and gives us very helpful approaches and tools to help our dogs behave better. I wish we had called him earlier!”
Miriam A.

“As a family we were in desperate need of help for Hudson. We had trainers, worked with our vet and even went to a behavior vet for meds. Anthony came into our home to assess. We can’t thank Anthony enough for his time and patience with us and of course with Hudson.”
Cindy C.

“Our dog, a two year old rescue, was exhibiting signs of leash aggression, as well as issues with strangers and other dogs. We were all immediately comfortable with Anthony, who took the time to understand our situation and to discuss our expectations for training. We began to notice a reduction in our dog’s leash aggression within the first few sessions.”
Maxwell N.