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New Dog & Puppy Consultations

Professional Guidance Before Your New Dog Arrives

Congratulations! So, you have a new puppy or adult dog coming home soon. Now what? Schedule a Pre-dog Consultation! This is designed to provide helpful advice and information before bringing home your new puppy or adult dog.

Pre-dog consultations can help with:

  • New home acclimation
  • House training
  • Puppy proofing your home for success
  • Confinement spaces
  • The importance of crate training
  • The importance of socialization
  • Address goals and concerns
  • Training concepts
  • Management strategies
  • Training options and how I can help
  • Answers to questions & concerns

Preparing For Your Pre-dog Consultation

In preparation for your pre-dog Consultation you should:

  • Write out your questions and concerns
  • Have a notebook and pen ready to write down notes
  • New puppy owners should download and read the free puppy guide on the training tips page

Pre-dog Consultations generally last an hour and a half.