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Help with Challenging Situations & Difficult Decisions

Certified, Skilled & Professional Help

You have a challenging situation or difficult decision to make, now what?

Despite what others might think, many dog owners are faced with challenging situations and difficult decisions because of safety and/or quality of life concerns. Sometimes these situations can be addressed with behavior modification and safety management. However, sometimes these situations may involve choices like rehoming, relinquishing and sometimes considering humane behavioral euthanasia. Addressing these situations cannot be overlooked.

Dog owners in these situations may feel confused, stressed, uncertain, helpless, sadness and second guess themselves. Although these conversations can be challenging, Anthony can provide you with expert advice, helpful information, answers to your questions & potential outcomes. These consultations help guide dog owners on what is best for them and their specific situation.

Consultations can be provided in-home, at a neutral location of your choice or online virtual consultation. Facility appointments are occasionally available. Consultations generally last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. All consultations are confidential and are meant to be a safe and open space to discuss anything on your mind about your situation. Consultations are provided in a compassionate and non-judgmental approach.

Difficult Decision Consultations can be helpful for:

  • Figuring out if a dog is the right fit for your home
  • Deciding if your dog is appropriate around your children or future children/baby etc.
  • Dangerous or threatening situations that involve bites to you, your family, guests, neighbors and/or other dogs
  • Exploring your dog’s behaviors and concerns in detail and deciding if creating a behavior modification & management plan is enough and deciding if they are the best course of action.
  • Discussing all of your options in-depth to help you decide what is right for you (Behavior modification, safety management, medication, rehoming, returning, relinquishing and/or humane behavioral euthanasia)
  • Those considering behavioral euthanasia. If you would like to discuss this option further to decide if this is the most sound and humane option for your situation. These conversations can be difficult for dog owners as it brings on a lot of emotion, sadness, grief, uncertainty and second guessing. If you are looking to have an honest and open conversation to help guide you on whether this is the most humane decision for your dog, Anthony is here to help you navigate your decision.

In general, these consultations are meant to help dog owners that own a dog with any of the following issues: dogs that are considered dangerous, displays aggressive behavior, over reactive behavior, overly protective behavior, extreme fears, anxiety, phobia’s or other severe behavior issues that are affecting the quality of life for the dog and/or family.

During this comprehensive consultation, Anthony will:

  • Get to know you and your dog with many detailed questions
  • Discuss your concerns
  • Explore any incidents that have occurred
  • Provide helpful suggestions, advice and information
  • Discuss safety & management strategies
  • Discuss all of your options in-depth to help you decide what is right for you (Behavior modification, safety management, medication, rehoming, returning, relinquishing and/or humane behavioral euthanasia)


If you have an urgent matter, urgent appointments can be made available by request. These can occur in-person &/or virtually. (Additional Fees Apply). Please inquire to learn more.

Client Testimonials

“Anthony was such a blessing to our family when we were in a situation with an aggressive dog ~ we would not have gotten through without his guidance & compassion.”

Cindy T.

“Anthony really helped us when we needed it most. It was a difficult decision to have to make, but with Anthony’s guidance, we know we did the right thing for all of us.”

Mike B.

“Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion when he is working with families trying to decide how to move forward with their dog who has a serious behavior problem. He can truly be your guide through some tough decisions.”

Linda L.

Anthony supported us in navigating every option and weighing every consideration around the most difficult decision we had to ever make about our dog. He provided incredible expertise, empathized based on his own experiences, and gave us hope when we were otherwise hopeless and exasperated. We left our session feeling confident, affirmed, and like we had a trusted professional who cared about us and our dog.”

Leeann & Jacob B.