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Training Accessories

photo of neon orange Freedom Harness

Freedom Harness

The Freedom Harness is one of our recommended harnesses for its sturdy design and front and back clip attachments. This harness also has a velvet girth strap to prevent any irritation and rubbing on skin. This is our favorite front clip harness!

photo of neon orange Freedom Harness

Voila Treat Pouch

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Fully synthetic treat pouch that is easily washable. No more fabric treat pouches that get stained and smell after use. Drop your dog’s favorite treats in this pouch without worrying about it getting messy. Choose from the two sizes offered.

photo of neon orange Freedom Harness

Sidekick Head Halter

If you are looking for a secure head halter to assist you with pulling while on a walk, check out the Heathers Hero Sidekick!

photo of neon orange Freedom Harness

Fleece Tug Toy

Get 10% off with Promo code: DEMARINIS

This is one of Anthony’s favorite toys to interact with dogs. This fleece tug is a great way to play and engage with your dog, especially with puppies. (Do not leave this toy out as your dog may destroy it. This toy is meant only for interaction with you).

Food and Treats

Fig & Tyler Dog Treats

Get 10% off through our referral link! Choose from a number of HIGH VALUE, tasty treats! When training, we always want our dogs excited to work for their rewards. Fig & Tyler offers a variety of Freeze dried treats with 100% meat and fish!

Learning Courses

The Dog's Truth Webinar for Dog Owners

This is a one hour educational course designed for dog owners to learn about their dog, their unique breed traits and by the end will help owners look at their dog’s differently then before. Being a “pet” is harder than it seems. Find out the TRUTH about dogs here!

Family Dog Mediation Applied Ethology Course

Learn about dogs, their breeds, and why it matters. If you are a dog trainer or other canine professional, this course is a must for you!