Online Virtual Consultations

Professional Help Live, In Real Time

All you need is a computer, ipad or cell phone with a web camera! Online Virtual Consultations are provided over live video chat. This is a great option for dog owners who want to work with a certified behavior consultant and trainer. Regardless of where you live, we can help you!

Online Virtual Consultations Can Help With:

  • Aggression such as issues towards people, children, other dogs, protective and territorial issues and more!
  • Inter-dog Aggression: If your dogs are fighting or having issues, online training can help!
  • Difficult Decisions: Consulting on difficult situations and potential outcomes
  • Puppy Training: potty training, crate training, problem solving and management strategies, socialization, training skills & more!
  • Manners Training: sit, down, focus, come, stay, drop it, leave it & much more!
  • Fun Training & Relationship Building Games (Build confidence and a stronger bond with your dog)
  • Fear, Anxiety & Phobia Issues: Desensitization and counterconditioning techniques to scary sounds, sights & more!
  • Cooperative Care: Muzzle training, teaching your dog to accept body handling, holding still for ear cleaning and eye drops
  • Pre-dog preparation assistance (preparation before your new puppy or adult dog comes home!)

The Benefits:

  • Addresses a variety of behavior issues and training concepts
  • Hands-on coaching with the same information you’d receive from in-person help from a certified professional
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Decreased stress for your dog
  • Less distraction for your dog, which means increased focus
  • Live help, in real time, from anywhere
Gerber the dog sitting on a chair looking at the camera

How Do Online Virtual Sessions Work?

Online Virtual Sessions work in a couple of ways. The most popular approach is using a computer, ipad or tablet device with a web camera and strong internet connection. If you do not have access to a web camera, phone calls can be arranged.

We use Zoom, which is a FREE online video chat program to our clients; not to mention it is easy to access. This makes online sessions stress-free and enjoyable for all! Online Virtual Sessions can be done from anywhere in the world! This means you do not need to live near us to schedule a session.

To get started, fill out the intake form by clicking the “Get Started” button.

During the initial consultation we will:

  • Take a thorough history on your dog (if your dog has specific behavior issues)
  • Discuss your goals and concerns to develop a training or behavior plan
  • Provide answers to all of your questions
  • For dogs with behavior issues, we will discuss strategies to implement so that you can safely manage your dog and the behaviors of concern
  • Review any video footage you have on your dog (Video footage does not need to be specific to the behavior issue(s).)
  • Introduce training and/or behavior modification skills and concepts
  • In most cases, we will start hands-on training together during the consult
  • If needed, we will happily work in conjunction with your veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist to provide the greatest success for your dog during the behavior modification process
URGENT APPOINTMENTS: If you have an urgent matter, urgent appointments can be made available by request. These can occur in-person &/or virtually. (Additional Fees Apply). Please inquire to learn more.

Preparing For Your Online Virtual Session

In preparation for your Online Virtual Session you should do the following:

Write Down Your Questions: Write out any questions or concerns you would like answers to.

Keep a Behavior History Journal: In a notebook, you should be writing down specific incidents when the problem behavior(s) happens is key! You should also include what happens before and after the behavior(s) as this provides valuable information. Include as much detail as you can.

Upload Video Footage: If you have any videos of the problem behaviors, it is helpful to upload them to your computer. You can also upload a couple of videos where your dog is just being him/her self, regardless if it shows any of the behavior issues. If possible, please upload videos on Youtube and make sure to select it as “Unlisted” so that it is not public. Once your appointment is scheduled, you can send Anthony an email with the links to each video. You can also upload video to Google Drive if you prefer. If none of these options work for you, just save them to your computer and Anthony can share the screen view option together during the consult. All videos will be reviewed together during the consult. If you do not have video footage of the issues, do not worry. It is NOT worth trying to provoke your dogs behavior or put yourself or your dog in harms way for video footage.

Have A Pen & Notebook Handy: Have a pen an notebook handy so that you can write down detailed notes, answers to your questions/concerns and additional suggestions and advice

Session Options:

Initial Consultation: 90 min to 2 Hours / $185

1 Hour Follow-up Session: $135

Phone Consultation with your Veterinarian or Veterinary Behaviorist: $100

URGENT APPOINTMENTS: If you have an urgent matter, urgent appointments can be made available for an additional $75.00. Please inquire to learn more.

Payment can be made via Venmo, PayPal or Zelle prior to the session.

(Pricing may vary depending on time and if a typed report needs to be generated).

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