New dog owners are often somewhat prepared for their new puppy. However, many are not as prepared for their puppy to become a teenager!  Has your puppy become a bull in a china shop after reaching the six-month mark? Maybe that

By Anthony De Marinis, CDBC Hand targeting or “touch”, is a great behavior to teach for a variety of reasons. A hand target is when you present your hand and the dog bumps his or her nose against your hand. Below

Revised 4/7/2021 By Anthony De Marinis, CDBC, ADT, CBATI, VSPDT, TTWC, VSA-DT   Preventing your puppy from becoming possessive of his things can be very important, especially in households with children. Many dog owners think that if a puppy growls or snaps at

Dogs are body language communicators -Chris Bach   So you want to truly communicate with and understand your dog? This is done most effectively by learning about canine body language and communication skills. Whether training a dog or modifying behavior, understanding how

Teaching your dog how to go to the bathroom outside. “Magic time, get busy, hurry up, do your business”, are just a few possible cues for housetraining. Regardless of what you decide to call it, housetraining is an essential part of

Have a Crate Time! Benefits of crate training Every now and then I get questioned about why the use of a crate is important. On occasion I will even get asked if it is cruel. I figured I would use this as