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Anthony De Marinis and Gerber

Anthony De Marinis
Certified Behavior Consultant & Trainer

Me and Solo almost 6 weeks

Katie Cameron
Dog Trainer

Anthony De Marinis and Gerber


  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant by IAABC
  • Accredited Dog Trainer by IAABC
  • Certified Behavior Adjustment Trainer
  • Certified Victoria Stilwell Licensed Dog Trainer
  • The Third Way Certified Trainer
  • Certified Victoria Stilwell Academy Dog Trainer- Distinction
  • Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer
  • Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator
  • Member of International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants

So... you may have noticed I love dogs!

I have always loved dogs!

There is nothing I enjoy more than helping dogs and their people build strong relationships. I find it to be an incredible experience to be a part of a dog’s life.

My practice covers a wide range of training and behavioral needs, regardless of the dog’s age and breed. Whether you need help with a new puppy or are looking for assistance with a behavioral issue, I can provide you with practical guidance and solutions that best fit you and your dog’s needs. I like the challenge of creating a plan that provides each dog and their people with helpful solutions to assist them in reaching their goals.

My Approach

My approach is simple: I train dogs the way I train my own dog. In particular, I believe in taking a kind and compassionate approach when training and modifying behavior, using positive reinforcement methods.


Positive reinforcement means rewarding your dog for doing the right thing, rather than inflicting physical force, intimidation, or fear tactics that weaken the relationship between the dog and owner.


I embrace this method of dog training because, more than anything else, we need to be our dog’s teacher and guide in life. Whether training or modifying behavior, our goal should be to teach, manage, and guide our dogs so that we can prevent and/or resolve issues. Teachers and guides do this by teaching skills and boundaries using clear and consistent training.


Training and living with your dog should be a fun and enjoyable experience that forges a strong relationship between the both of you. My methods are always holistic, gentle, compassionate, and fair to both the dog and their people.

My Education

I am a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), a high-level industry-leading behavior certification. I am also an Accredited Dog Trainer (ADT) by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). I enjoy continuing my education in training and behavior modification. Currently, I have obtained seven professional certifications as a result of my dedication to helping dogs and their people.


My current professional certifications include the following:


  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) by IAABC
  • Accredited Dog Trainer (ADT) by IAABC
  • Certified Behavior Adjustment Trainer (CBATI)
  • Certified Victoria Stilwell Licensed Dog Trainer (VSPDT)
  • The Third Way Certified Trainer (TTWC)
  • Certified Victoria Stilwell Academy Dog Trainer- Distinction (VSA-DT)
  • Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer
  • Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator


My continuing education experiences include the following:


  • Aggression in Dogs Masters Course by Michael Shikashio
  • Victoria Stilwell Academy for Training & Behavior
  • The Big Dog Behavior Seminar w/ Dr. Chris Pachel
  • Defensive Handling & Aggression w/ Michael Shikashio
  • Resource Guarding Workshop w/ Pat Miller
  • Pet Professional Guild Training & Behavior Conference
  • Fear Free Animal Trainer Course
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Conference
  • Behavior Modification Solutions w/ Pat Miller
  • Brain to Bite w/ Chirag Patel
  • Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0 (BAT)
  • Aggression Cases From A-Z w/ Michael Shikashio
  • Aggression Mentorship Course w/ Michael Shikashio
  • Chris Bach’s The Third Way- Level 1 Certification
  • Chris Bach’s The Third Way- Level 2 Certification
  • Managing Dog to Dog Interactions w/ Sue Sternberg
  • Avoiding Dog Play Dangers w/ Sue Sternberg
  • Assess-A-Pet Assessments & Canine Body Language w/ Sue Sternberg
  • Recallers by Susan Garrett
  • Handling360 by Susan Garrett
  • Family Paws Parent Education
  • IAABC 2020 Lemonade Behavior Conference


I attended the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior (VSA) and graduated with distinction.


While enrolled at the VSA, I learned about the following:

  • Positive Reinforcement Training Methods
  • Learning Theory
  • Behavior Modification
  • Canine Cognition
  • Canine Communication & Body Language
  • Sensory Education
  • Canine Emotion & Behavior
  • Along with many other related topics


Michael Shikashio's Aggression in Dogs certificate of completion photo.As a student of world renown aggression specialist, Michael Shikashio, I was asked in 2019, to be a beta tester for his in-depth and comprehensive Aggression in Dogs Masters Course which covers topics like: dog to dog aggression, dog to human aggression, resource guarding, management and safety and other related topics, all of which I successfully completed. I currently sit on a national panel with many other behavior consultants, veterinarians and industry leaders. We are currently creating standards and guidelines for the dog training and behavior industry, which is currently unregulated in the United States.


In 2011, I graduated cum laude from Curry College in Massachusetts with a bachelor of arts degree in business communication.


Anthony's Dog Journey

A puppy running through an agility tunnel
Me and Journey hiking together

Journey is a male Australian Kelpie puppy, bred from working lines from an agility trainer who competes her dogs in agility professionally in Canada. Journey is named in honor of my previous dog Gerber, who took me on a “Journey” both personally and professionally.


I got Journey because I wanted a partner who I could learn more about high drive dogs and learn more about sports like agility, herding and nose work. Currently, we are taking in-person and online classes in agility, as well as herding.


My goal is to learn more about sports so that I can use some of these techniques to help my clients, especially with dogs who have behavior issues. I also hope to compete with Journey as we continue to grow as a team.

Me and Solo almost 6 weeks

Katie Cameron - Dog Trainer

I provide puppy training and obedience & manners training in Nassau and Suffolk County. Regardless if you have a nippy puppy or an adult dog who needs some impulse control training, I can provide you with practical solutions and guidance that best fit you and your dog’s needs.

I first discovered my love of dog training while volunteering at the Southampton Animal Shelter while I was in high school. At the shelter I learned how enriching training can be for both the dog and the handler. Now, I’m happy to be honing my skills with my two Border Collies, Pippin and Solo. Pippin and I have loved getting our feet wet in agility, but Pippin has had some health issues that have cut her agility career short. So we work on some fun trick training, obedience and are working on off-leash confidence. Solo is my new puppy and we’re having a fun time working on the basics and will be getting into dog sports as he grows.

My Approach

I approach training dogs the same way I approach training my own. Training should be fun for both the dog and the owner, and is a great way to build your relationship with your dog. There’s nothing better than seeing your dog come running to you when you call ready to play! The best way I’ve found to get this reaction is through positive reinforcement based training. By being kind to our dogs and paying them for what we want, we can mold our dogs into the canine citizens we know they can be. My methods are always fun, compassionate, and fair to both the dog and their people.

My Education

Continuing my education as a dog training professional is very important to me. I am a student of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior. I have also taken courses on impulse control, obedience, building drive and motivation in training and continue learning agility.


My dog training education currently includes:

  • Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior
  • Susan Garretts Recallers Program
  • Handling 360
  • Agility Nation
  • Bad Dog Agility Academy VIP

Katie's Dogs Pippin & Solo



Pippin is a female show line Border Collie, bred by a show breeder in Colorado. I got Pippin so that I could learn more about agility and high energy dogs. Pippin’s agility career was cut short due to an elbow dysplasia diagnosis. So now we are working on learning more together about canine fitness and different ways to keep a dysplastic dog safe while keeping her happy and limber. My goal for Pippin is to compete in Rally Obedience and explore more low-impact sports like nose work.



Solo is a male working line Border Collie puppy bred by an amazing agility competitor in Virginia. Solo was part of The Force litter, born on May 4th. Solo has an intense herding instinct, so he is teaching me many lessons on training high drive herding dogs. Currently, we’re working on foundations with local agility trainers as well as online with classes by Susan Garrett and Bad Dog Agility. My goal for Solo is to compete in agility and hopefully if all goes right, make it to nationals one day.

In Loving Memory of Gerber- Anthony's Heart Dog

Nicknames: Monkey, Monk, Gerb, Gerbi, Gerbs, Little Gerb

last hike with gerber 4-11-19
Dog looking at the camera with a human shadow

I am a firm believer that everyone comes into our lives for a reason. This includes our beloved pets. This is very true of my dog Gerber. Gerber was a very special dog, with a very special story that is near and dear to me. Gerber had a huge impact on my life and is the biggest reason I specialize in working with dogs who have severe behavior issues and aggression.


I worked with Gerber in the shelter that I volunteered with for a year before adopting him. Gerber was known as my “love at fifth sight dog” because it took me five times of working with him before I started to actually like him! I still laugh at how I wanted nothing to do with him because he was so difficult. Then one day it became “love at fifth sight”. I saw how so many people didn’t like him and how judgmental and impatient they were with him. It made me think back to when I was in school and I struggled to learn and process the information being taught to me. Some people gave up, while others like my parents and some special teachers helped me become successful. I made it a point to visit Gerber and help him every day after work. Over time a special relationship was created. Then when I purchased my home I immediately adopted him and provided him with the home he deserved.


Gerber was not an easy dog to live with. He was my absolute pride and joy, but I learned how owning a dog with severe behavior issues takes a toll on a person and puts limitations on one’s life. When you think about it, living with a dog who has behavior issues is one of the most difficult things, especially when you love them. This is because as their owner we are responsible for helping them, teaching them and protecting them. We are responsible for their success. Whereas people, by comparison, are easy in retrospect because one can always reason with them, talk to them, and ultimately one has to allow a person to make their own decisions. This is not the case with dogs, unfortunately.


Gerber was a severe global resource guarder to the point where it seemed compulsive. He was protective of our home and of me. He was extremely reactive on-leash towards dogs and sometimes people. He was also very predatory towards animals, including dogs and even towards people in certain situations.


Gerber taught me so much as a trainer and a behavior consultant. I use much of what I learned from him in my work today. Gerber pushed me to get out and immerse myself in taking many continuing education courses and certifications in behavior and aggression, which has become my interest and specialty. I am so grateful for the journey Gerber took me on and all the wonderful gifts he gave me. My work with Gerber inspires me and motivates me every single day and as a result, I honor him with the work that I do.


Honoring Gerber: One of the ways I honor Gerber is through my logo. The picture of the dog in my logo is Gerber. (You can tell by the ears that it is him!)

With celebrity dog trainer
Victoria Stilwell, at the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior

A Fun Education For You & Your Dog

Teaching the dog owner is just as important as, if not more important than, teaching the dog. This collaboration helps ensure that you have the skills you need to live with and work with your dog in a more enjoyable manner. I will work with you and your dog using a hands-on approach and positive reinforcement training methods.


Understanding how to work with and communicate with your dog is essential in forming a strong relationship, as well as in setting boundaries. My lessons are individually designed to each dog’s and each dog owner’s unique needs.


You will learn:

✓ Hands-on skills to teach your dog
✓ How to set your dog up for success both inside and outside of your home
✓ To communicate clearly while setting boundaries
✓ To understand what your dog is communicating through body language and behavior

Certified IAABC Behavior Consultant
CBATI Certified BAT Instructor
Michael Shikashio's Aggression in Dogs certificate of completion photo.
Family Paws Parent Education Certified Educator